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Swordcaller is a side scrolling 2D game inspired by the Castlevania game series. While it use main elements of the metroidvania genre, the combat mechanics are more inspired by action games such as Devil May Cry and more dynamic metroidvania games, such as Dead Cells. The game focus is to consiliate the exploration elements of the metroidvania genre with the fast paced, technical combat of the "stylish action" genre. It is made in the Unity Engine with hand-drawn art.

  You can switch between two weapons on the run and buy new moves for each. Enemies are the main font of the game currency, but you are not required to kill all of them to progress. Exploring new areas will give you rewards. There is also a magic that can be used.

  The game is currently in development and currently has one level.

  The game is compatible with controllers.


Arrows: move

Z: attack

X: magic

LCtrl: change weapon

P: pause

U: upgrade menu

SPACE: jump

C: dash

Link para questionário https://forms.gle/2XkxbWfumwxpKsKDA

Install instructions

 Instalation: extract and run.


Swordcaller.rar 44 MB

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